Sex Tips

Sex tip for him
Kiss and cuddling can make temperatures rise and she will be more receptive to your advances. Too often guys neglect the kissing while entangled and miss the opportunity to connect. over 90% of women questioned on this topic have complained they are not kissed enough.

Sex tip for her
Too often women don’t feel as satisfied or have an orgasm as quickly as their partner. Many times this is due to a lack of communication on what arouses you. Ensure you moan or say how good it feels when it hits the right spot. Touch his hand if you prefer a circular movement instead of an up and down stroke. Make suggestions on what you would like to try next time, when you are cooling down and cuddling. Communicate, they can’t read your mind.


We have all heard different stories of why the dynamic duo of D’banj and Don Jazzy had to go separate paths, but what’s the real story? Nobody knows what really happened but it’s obvious that everyone think D’banj was wrong and blah blah blah. I even remember a friend saying that D’banj made the biggest mistake of his life, well think again. D’banj’s is officially the president of Def Jam Africa.
It was reported that D’banj has signed David ‘Davido’ Adeleke to his new label, Def Jam Africa. It is the African arm of Island Def Jam which is under parent company Universal Music Group, home to some of the biggest superstars on the planet. According to NET, the signing took place on Wednesday, May 16, 2012 at the 19-year old’s house in Lekki after a five-man meeting involving D’banj , his manager Abisagboola Bankulli’ Oluseun, Davido, his manager Asa Asika and father Deji Adeleke. D’banj is interested in signing rave of the moment act, Davido to the imprint he would be launching soon following split from Don Jazzy and would also have D’banj’s brother, Kay Switch on the roster. An official statement or briefing will be announced soon.


A common complain I hear from guys these days is about how a girl comes over to spend the night at his place but she isn’t willing to get down with him. Ladies, it’s common knowledge that we guys are dogs, I mean how is it possible to give a dog a bone and expect it not to eat it??? If you have no intentions of getting down with a guy, then stay the hell away from his bedroom at night. Rape is wrong but please don’t instigate it and then later go home crying “he raped me” #Justsaying


Is it just me or kids these days are maturing and growing faster than ever? I mean when I was 10 years old, all I did was play with sand and run around half naked with my gang; but these days a 10 year old can even teach you how to use a condom. 15 year old girls are looking 23 going on 30. I even have a couple of friends dating 15 year olds. They might be ripe physically but not mentally and no matter how you look at it, I believe it’s wrong. They say age is just a number, yes it is but you should remember that prison too is just a place.


What do you think about tattoos? I mean every girl and guy seems to be wearing one these days in Kubwa. Personally I have nothing against it and don’t mind getting one myself. The problem however is how rampant it has become, some I locally done and even messes up the layer of the skin. Body art is done to please the wearer, like they say “beauty doesn’t hurt”, but don’t be deceived; tattoos don’t make people. A person is a person first before whatever he or she wears.
Also the whole epidemic of ladies wearing leggings/jeggings and dudes wearing socks with slip-ons, what do you think about this?