Latest news from BBA Star-game

The icy relations between Prezzo and Goldie continued this morning. It would seem Prezzo was more than serious when he revealed he has had it with his girl, Goldie.

During morning exercise, the two avoided each other like the plague. Goldie did not let the opportunity to make Prezzo a little jealous, pass her by. The Nigerian singer partnered up with DKB for a very flirty exercise tag team. She giggled dramatically when DKB simulated sex and made himself comfortable between her legs, as he was helping her stretch.

Prezzo cut a lonely figure as he watched the shenanigans. He consoled himself by pairing up with Roki, who did not seem to mind one bit. The two assisted each other with stretches and lunges until the trainer ended the session.

Prezzo then went indoors and made himself breakfast for the first time in ages. Goldie took a shower and then headed to the sink to wash the dishes.

Who knew Prezzo could actually make his own breakfast?

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