Bonified Freak!!

Heard a crazy story today. On my way back from work. I stopped a taxi and immediately I entered the driver starting this story: “My guy, girls these days are bold ooo, yesterday night; I was driving around town looking for a fare then these two hot girls stopped me. I asked them where they were going and they told me to just drive around for and hour. I agreed and after like 5mins, I started hearing muffle sounds, I turned around and was startled by what I saw; these two girls were totally naked, kissing, touching and everything. I almost lost control, I just started driving really slow enjoying the action through my rare mirror. These girls were at it for and hour, after which they gave me an address at gwarimpa which I presume was their home. I drove them their slowly still watching them get dressed, I finally got to the address and parked my taxi. They stepped out and gave me five thousand naira and I collected it with all smiles. They even asked me to come into their house, but my brother; fear no allow me”
By the time the taxi driver finished his story, we were already close to my house in gwarimpa; he even showed me the house the girls dropped off at and trust me I was tempted to walk right up to the gate and knock!!!

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