Get your mind right or……

Human beings tend to hold on to old beliefs and old mindsets that don’t serve us.
Some mindsets can even be very destructive to your relationships, but still we hold on 

Most reasons are:
– These are beliefs that we’re used to
– The mindsets served us right at one time or another
– The feel like this particular belief “protects” us
– The mindset makes us feel like we “belong” to an inner circle of peers / friends
But the WORST mindset of all is the stupid belief of “men vs. women”.
I’ve met men who hate women on some level. They must have felt cheated or rejected by women, or they had a few bad
experiences and became bitter and angry from it.
The fact remains: Guys who have something against women WILL ALWAYS FAIL in relationships, and the same is true for women.
Most women who FAIL in relationships usually have something against men.
They might not necessarily hate men, but when gender topics come up, they are always blaming and attacking men saying women are a victim to men.
Blame in general is relationship-killer 
People are people.  Some people are great, caring and loving why other are not
But if you have the attitude that men are bad, you will bring about bad situations
with men.
The truth is most women hate on men. It’s done in subtle and not-so-subtle ways over the media. I know girls who spend their time talking about how much they hate men… and the other half about how much they want a relationship.
It’s tough and we ALL have had bad dating experiences at
one time or another.
But the more you can
appreciate men and have a positive view
of men, the better your relationships will be.

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