He got her Suicidal….. Goldie

She was respected and admired by many as an artiste and much more for her crazy style and fashion sense. But we Nigerians and lots of other africans by shocked when she was unveiled as one of Nigeria’s representatives in the all new

BBA Stargame.

Goldie went into the house as part of the celebrity bunch but all indications point to the contrary of the said status, as many Nigerians are now calling for her head.

Reports coming from followers and fans of the BBA Stargame, state that Goldie seems to be mis-representing Nigerian women and Nigerians in general, they say she has lost all self esteem and basically acting like a five year old lost in the woods.
First she was said to have been contemplating suicide (a trait not even concievable to Nigerians) as another housemate, Prezzo who she is claims to be in love with, was not paying her the desired attention. She is said to have dedicated her entire stay in the house to Prezzo, being at his beck and call and seeing to his every need. She most recently saved him from eviction to the annoyance of thousands of fans
Out of the house, fans no longer see her as a superstar even her celebrity colleagues can’t seem to defend her actions.

Awww poor Goldie, I would advice you remain in the house even after the 90days are up.

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It’s Davido….Again!!

Rumour has it that, Davido and lots of other celebs were invited for that recently concluded Nokia Rap Battle show by one “Nosa”, a fast rising music producer/manager.
News has be spreading that Davido who was drunk to stupor insisted on leaving in a friend’s car instead of the one that brought him, and other top artistes and crew from the hotel.
Nosa being his host had to drive closely behind them, the car conveying Davido was stopped by some military men for the routine check especially at that time of the night.
This is where it gets interesting, sources revealed that the obviously drunk Davido jumped out of the car and started boasting “don’t you know me, what the fcuk is wrong with you guys…” He started shouting about who he is and what not.
This act, angered one of the Mobile police men and while the musician was still ranting and boasting, he was landed a thunderous dirty slap and was threatened with a gun to shut up if he does not want to be bathed in his blood.
We were told the musician was immediately rushed back into the car by Nosa and his friend who had at that point got down from the bus and pleaded with the uniformed men that he’s actually a popular musician especially in Lagos and was coming from a show.

Damn Davido, Na u do mscheeew for Mopol???

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DESTINY’s Child?!?

Michelle Williams has offered to help Beyonce baby-sit Blue Ivy (Beyonce’s daughter). However, Michelle Williams wants to make it clear that babysitting for Beyonce’s baby girl is just a part-time thing, because she’s not the only Destiny’s Child singer doing diaper duty for Blue Ivy.
Michelle revealed Kelly Rowland also pulled a shift watching Blue Ivy in Beyonce’s hotel suite during a Bey’s concert in Atlantic City last weekend.
In the middle of the show, Beyonce thanked Michelle for babysitting (PUKES).

Say what you want but it seems Kelly and Michelle really miss living in Beyonce’s shawdow and wish they could go back to the good old days.
Who runs the world???

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These are my confessions!!!

This case is bound to get worse before it gets any better. Singer Usher Raymond’s ex wife Tameka is stopping at nothing until she gets exactly what she wants. She is now willing to air out all of their dirty laundry just over custody of their kids.
Usher’s custody battle with his ex-wife Tameka Foster is heating up. Tameka, the mother of Usher’s two young sons, Usher V, 4, and Naviyd, 3, is threatening to air all of the former couple’s dirty laundry.
In an Atlanta courtroom on May 21, fighting for rights to see his two boys, the 33-year-old singer was visibly shaken and in tears when talking about Usher V and Naviyd.
“They give me purpose,” Usher tearfully explained. “I used to be begged to come home. Now I’m begging to come home to be able to spend some time with them.”
But Usher’s crocodile tears are falling on deaf ears. The 44-year-old Tameka is now threatening to name several big stars she insists her ex husband slept with during their depressing two-year marriage, which ended in 2009.
However, Tameka might want to think twice about her spiteful tactics against Usher, who is now happily dating Def Jam record executive Grace Miguel, 44.
“Though she’s trying to paint Usher as a wild party boy with a huge sexual appetite, it’s backfiring and making her look bad,” says a famous American magazine “Everyone’s testifying that she’s the one displaying erratic behavior.”

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03 Bonnie and Clyde

Becoming a father for the first time is a big deal, so we may therefore agree that Jay-z deserves the private jet his baby mama Beyonce bought him for his first Father’s Day. It is reported that Beyonce gave Jigga a new $40 million Bombardier Challenger 850, which is somethimg most of us wouldn’t even dream of in our life time. The private jet has enough space for a living room, kitchen, bedroom and 2 super sized bathrooms.

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“Fallen angel” injured in brawl

Chris Brown was left with a deep cut on his chin and one of his bodyguards seriously injured after a fight with rapper Drake’s entourage at a club in New York City Thursday.
The entourage of both stars were partying at SoHo club W.i.P., started throwing blows and bottles over Brown’s ex-girlfriend Rihanna.
A stylist on the scene told reporters that after an unknown provocation, a member of Drake’s entourage picked up a glass bottle and hit Brown in the face with it. From there, the fight turned “crazy” with glasses, bottles, and other objects flying in different directions from the two artists’ entourages.
Rihanna dated Drake after breaking up with Brown three years ago. The R’n’B singer/actor beat up Rihanna after they attended a pre-Grammys party on Feb. 8, 2009.
Brown tweeted a photo after the fight showing a cut on his chin. According to reports, he also tweeted, “How u party with rich n—- that hate? Lol….Throwing bottles like girls? #shameonya!”
Brown’s bodyguard, Big Pat, was badly hurt in the incident, sustaining injuries to his head.
It’s however confirmed that Drake and Brown never touched each other during the whole incident.
New York Police Department officers were called to the scene, but not before Brown and Drake left.

What is the KOKO???

When Don Jazzy launched Mavin Records many waited to see what his former partner would do in reaction, and not too long we heard Dej Jam was launching an Africa branch and D’banj will be its the president. Def Jam Africa is also believed to have signed on Davido, and since the news broke out Davido and D’banj have been like buddies performing and attending events together.

Now reports also say D’banj is set to launch his own record label, which he calls D’Koko Master Records and will officially launch it sometime soon. Right now the only artiste on the label is his brother K-Switch, but we are told other artistes on the label will soon be unveiled.
Stay tuned!!!