So I heard and confirmed that there is a place in Kubwa where you can go, sit and leave your worries on ground zero while your brain and senses take flight to the skies. Good thing about this place is that it seems to be totally legal and safe. For more details, hit me up and I will willingly give you more details 🙂


Basic things a “KUBVILLIAN” should know:

Hotels: Presently the best hotels (tidiness and service) in Kubwa are “Roop” and “Movida”. There are other hotels but they are just in the “ok” bracket.

Eateries: whatever you do, stay away from Mr. Biggs. As far as Kubwa is concerned, Mr. Biggs is dead; I’m talking fish bones in your meat-pie and stuff. Personally “Chicken republic” and “Chicken and sides” are good enough. There are a couple new ones in the 2/2 region too.

Lounges: The best lounge presently is “Movida” I’m talking good music and ambience, down side is not everybody is allowed to get in (if you get my drift). “Aredo” lounge is ranked closely to the latter but the upside about this lounge is that basically anyone is allowed entry. There’s a new lounge opposite the federal housing junction but I don’t know how good it is yet.

Supermarkets: The three most popular are “Chemzho”, “Uncle Joe” and “Able”. There are couple others but these are the most common. For boutiques “Aikay boutique” is the oldest and still one of the best even though there are new ones everywhere.

Phone accessories: For your phones or laptop repairs, just visit “Veterans Plaza” but I personally recommend “TEETEE” pay them a visit and I guarantee your issues would be handled at a very good price.

These are the places every Kubvillian should know, for more info on anything, just ask. By the way, NO!!! There isn’t a SWIMMING POOL in Kubwa YET!!!