Azonto vs Etighi

The new dance craze, gradually taking over Nigeria known as “ETIGHI” is becoming more than just a dance move but a ritual. Every body in night clubs and parties are on the dance floor bursting out their Etighi moves. You can very well argue that ‘Azonto’ has met its match. Azonto is very similar to Etighi but was founded in Ghana.
Whatever the case, if you have learnt this dance step yet then you are seriously on a “looooooong ting”

The moment I knew Etighi was truly here and might be here to stay was when I saw the teaser to Iyanya‘s club-banging single “Kukere”.

Do the rock away, now lean back!!!!

This is a photo of Prince William and his wife, the Duchess of Cambridge, during a Christmastime stop at a London charity project on Wednesday. Our very own country woman Vanessa Boateng took the prince to the dance floor and they busted a move or two, we like to believe it was definitely azonto, maybe FuseODG’s ‘azonto’ was going hard in the speaker.

You dust your shoulders off twice – Boateng

Photocredit : People Magazine