7 Reasons to Shut Up When Talking to a Woman

The temptation to brag about one’s self when in the presence of ladies can sometimes be unimaginable.
There are tonnes of advantages of talking less when you are on a date with a girl

1 – You will appear more mysterious and charming. The more you let her talk, the less she will know about you. This will make her wonder about you when you’re not around therefore increasing interest levels.

2 – The more you say, the more chance you have of saying something stupid.

3 – The less you say, the more valuable everything you DO say will be perceived. (Rarity is perceived as being valuable.)

4 – You will give her the chance to express herself, and talk about her day. Two things women love to do

5 – You won’t appear desperate or insecure. People who brag and talk all the time are constantly trying to get attention and make people approve of them. By talking less, you will appear more cool, confident, and in control!

6 – The less you say, the less you will have to worry about figuring out something to say.

And remember, when you do say something, it should be brief and to the point. Or better still, it could be simple feedback concerning something she has just said to you.

The key is to keep the conversation on her. Only then will you truly know how to deal with her.

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I’m a heartbreaker…..or am I???

I’ve heard lots of talk in regards to men and breakups. Things like “When a guy’s relationship ends, he replaces her. When a woman’s relationship ends, she mourns and cries for months,” or “Guys just don’t care” and lots of other nonsense.

Take a look at some of the universal truths about guys and breakups, most of which will surprise you.
Breakups are HARD on all guys.  Simple enough to say, but the fact is: If a guy is terrible after a breakup, it is just prove to how rough the breakup was on him. Some people cope by lashing out.
But what about the guy who breaks up and goes totally cold?

Jerry Seinfeld once said that breaking up a relationship needs to be like taking off a Band-aid – One motion: OFF! In the same regard, when a relationship ends, it is much much harder for a guy to go back and discuss and revisit and talk through and explain.

Guys like focused on a tight range of emotions, somewhere between amusement and happiness. So any interaction that a guy knows will bring him out of that sweet range of emotions is an interaction he’s going to do everything he can to avoid.
When a guy breaks up with his lady and immediately gets into a new relationship right afterwards is a no-brainer; a guy does this because he doesn’t want to be alone and he doesn’t want to “deal with himself.” Guys need to work their internal issues out, which brings me to another question…
But what about the guy that “goes off and starts hooking up with every girl?
Every guy has a set of core values for who he is, what he stands for, and what he really wants out of life. Sometimes in a relationship, a guy will really, really love a girl and may start to compromise these core values. Maybe he changes his lifestyle, stops hanging out with certain friends, or changes his habits.
It seems innocent enough, but over time the guy begins to starve for whatever it was he got from the things he gave up. It changes the guy and, in turn, changes the relationship. As a result,  the relationship usually suffers and, in the case of this example, ends.
When the relationship ends, that guy is forced to evaluate himself – he doesn’t like who he’s become and he doesn’t like the fact that his relationship and his love brought him to this place.
So what’s the solution? Hook up with a bunch of girls and have a series of flings.

Sooner or later, a guy will come to a place of reconciliation with himself, it’s essential that he does before he starts another relationship.
Long story short, if a guy acts extreme after a breakup, it’s his way of dealing with his emotions about his relationship and relationships in general.

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The Forbidden Word!!

If I wrote a dictionary, the word “SHOULD” wouldn’t be found. I try not to use it with myself and try even harder not to use it toward anyone else.
Think of all instances where the word is used 
Maybe they were mad at you,
so they told you what you should do.

Or they thought you were “wrong”, so they told you what you should do.

“should” is a punishing word.
When we’ve messed up and are beating ourselves up, we use the word “should”.
“I should have done this, but I…”
“I shouldn’t do that, but I…”
Should is the word people use to blame and shame one another and themselves.
It NEVER feels good.  And we can’t help but resent people who “should” us.
If possible rip the word “should” out of your vocabulary for all your relationships.
blaming kills relationships and “should” is the word for shaming and blaming.
Try your best to understand
your partner’s perspective.  
DO NOT underestimate the effect of blame destroying a

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Misery Loves Company

If you’ve been seeing a girl for a couple of weeks and things are going well, take a look at her friends. If most of them have boyfriends, Great! If they’re pretty much all single, WATCH OUT.

Misery Loves Company. And there’s no better example than women and their friends. Whether they admit it or not, no woman likes to be single alone, and they sabotage each other by trying to slip in evil seeds of doubt.

This is one of the reasons why ALL married women try to hook up all their single friends by playing matchmaker whether they like it or not. They know their friends will try to make her miserable along with them.

P.S. To get in good with her friends, all you gotta do is give ONE totally romantic night that she can tell all the details to her friends about, and they’ll eat you up thinking you are Prince Charming in disguise.

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Ladies first!!!

Being exclusive with a lady means both of you aren’t allowed to date or have sex with other people, its basically like a contract.

Never make the mistake of asking a women to become exclusive. It’s her job not yours, she must bring it up first.

You are probably wondering why and its simple

If a woman hasn’t taken the initiative to ask you, then it simply means she is still open to seeing others guys. It means she still has DOUBTS about you. If she’s madly head over heels crazy about you, then she wouldn’t want you seeing other women.
Women asking for exclusivity is like a “marriage proposal.” She is affirming and laying the building blocks for true intimacy. She wants something that’s going to last. It is the ULTIMATE test of interest, guys. She is “proposing.”

But on the other hand, if you ask first, you will never know her true interest level. Why didn’t she bring it up? How come she is still letting you see others? Why isn’t she CLOSING her options? Is she seeing someone else?

Give it a thought!!!

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Hold her down

The advice I’m about to give you is something you won’t hear very often, especially from a guy.
In this present day, where it is almost impossible to find a good and faithful woman; statistical analysis have already shown that “Nigerian women” are the most unfaithful in the world. HOWEVER, there are still good women out there; remember we all make mistakes in our lives sometimes.
IF you are fortunate to have one of those good women and situations cause her to cheat; if she owns up, don’t react immediately. Take time to sit, think and talk about it. This might sound stupid but FORGIVE her and BEG her not to do it again. Yes she was wrong to cheat but what you can both work it out, try and find out why she did it.
Trust me, if you let one good woman go; your chances of getting another is close to 0

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Strictly for Ladies!!!!

The biggest problem in our dating world is jealous and possessive men. While they are desperate to find a woman they can love and adore, once they have found her possessive men most often do not believe they can keep hold of her due to a lack of self-confidence, self-respect and self-belief. They don’t truly believe they deserve the girl so they try and subjugate her to rely on them and increase the woman’s sense of dependency. It is all too common these days as more and more men feel uneasy about who they truly are and lack self-esteem.
The first hurdle a woman faces is in not being able to spot a jealous and possessive man in advance. He is charming and good-looking, he has the world at his feet so it appears and you have absolutely no reason to think he isn’t prince charming. And maybe he is Mr. nice-guy at this stage. But if you know then what you later discover things would be much easier. As a relationship develops the possessive man will find ways of ensuring you are there for him. He will create fictitious scenarios where he needs your help and assistance which affect your social routine. Rather than meeting friends you will be assisting him. Of course at first this is all part of romantic relationship building. After all you want to spend as much time as possible with the man you love. Bit by bit he will divorce you for your everyday friends and activities, even spending time illustrating how your friends are not really your true friends. He is isolating you for his own needs.
Once he has done that he will also then criticize you and makes you feel bad about yourself to ensure that you too have low self-esteem. If you don’t feel good about yourself then how will anyone else ever want you? He will tell you how lucky you are to have him and he will always love you for who you are. And eventually he will build up that degree of dependence (and fear) so much that you will truly believe that what he says is true. Your own identity becomes a thing of the past and your friends will make many worried comments to you that you will ignore or make excuses for.
At this stage you are now where he wants you, isolated and dominated. He feels better about himself because you depend on him, but he will never trust you, because he will always believe that there is a conspiracy that you will escape. That you don’t really love him after all. He needs constant demonstration and proof that you do. Your friends and his will not know any of this though they may suspect. He will still be the great social guy in groups. But it can get to the point where you dread going out socially in case you get a hard time when you get home. This friends, is not what your life is all about. This isn’t why we date and have relationships. Yes we all want to feel desired, wanted and loved in our lover’s eyes, but not like this.
Jealous and possessive men are sad and pathetic creatures who are all too common today. As a woman you do not need ever to put up with them and neither do they really deserve you. The huge irony involved is that had the guy been relaxed and self-assured he would probably have never lost you in the first place, but his low self-esteem meant that he forced to happen what he most dreaded: You leaving him. If you are reading this and have yet to leave, then you will need your friends and family to assist as you are dealing with a person with serious psychological issues. He will try and keep you and will use any psychological measure he can to make you need him and come back. He will work on the weak spots he has already created in you.
But do try and take heart. Many women have been in the same situation and moved on. As women becomes increasingly confident in their own lives, so some men fall away into lesser self-esteem. There are lots of really nice guys out there to date and love and the one you have is not the one who will make you happy, whatever he says. It can take a long time to heal some of the trauma you have been put through, but the fact is, it is your life and your world and if you want to do whatever you like to make yourself happy, that is 100% your prerogative to do so. We don’t need jealous and possessive men in this world and the sooner they sort themselves out without your help, the better.

Danger Signals:
• Dismay and suggestions as to how you should dress
• Overly concerned about where you are going when socializing
• Insistence on escorting you to mundane places
• Interference with your social plans
• Excessive phone calls to know your whereabouts
• Overly intense nature to anything
• Inability to communicate and discuss
• Putting you down and anything that makes you feel inferior
• Lack of outlook and poor self-esteem or lack of confidence
• Dominant overtones in domestic arrangements
• Aggressive temper and unreasonable attitude to minor details