She’s talking about another guy to me….WTF!!!

After reading lots of posts on various forums, one of the most common mistakes I’ve seen men make is to become the “crying shoulder.”
Men by instincts are always trying to fix things.
“Maybe if I make her feel better she’ll get attracted to me.”

WRONG, 0/10.

When a woman tries to use you as her crying shoulder, this is how you should react:
If a woman mentions another guy and pretends she wants your input she is either:

-Being a self-indulgent user of your foolish good nature.
-Simply exhibiting poor dating skills.
Whatever the reason, set her straight immediately. Here are a couple of examples:

-I’m not the one to talk to about that sort of thing.
-Don’t you have girlfriends you can talk to about guys?
Well, if you’re so worried about that guy, maybe you should go find him.
These take some balls to say but they at least keep you from making a jackass of yourself.
I feel if you simply take care of yourself, the estrogen will follow.

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Get your mind right or……

Human beings tend to hold on to old beliefs and old mindsets that don’t serve us.
Some mindsets can even be very destructive to your relationships, but still we hold on 

Most reasons are:
– These are beliefs that we’re used to
– The mindsets served us right at one time or another
– The feel like this particular belief “protects” us
– The mindset makes us feel like we “belong” to an inner circle of peers / friends
But the WORST mindset of all is the stupid belief of “men vs. women”.
I’ve met men who hate women on some level. They must have felt cheated or rejected by women, or they had a few bad
experiences and became bitter and angry from it.
The fact remains: Guys who have something against women WILL ALWAYS FAIL in relationships, and the same is true for women.
Most women who FAIL in relationships usually have something against men.
They might not necessarily hate men, but when gender topics come up, they are always blaming and attacking men saying women are a victim to men.
Blame in general is relationship-killer 
People are people.  Some people are great, caring and loving why other are not
But if you have the attitude that men are bad, you will bring about bad situations
with men.
The truth is most women hate on men. It’s done in subtle and not-so-subtle ways over the media. I know girls who spend their time talking about how much they hate men… and the other half about how much they want a relationship.
It’s tough and we ALL have had bad dating experiences at
one time or another.
But the more you can
appreciate men and have a positive view
of men, the better your relationships will be.

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We haven’t spoken for ages, should I text him?!?

Ladies!!! Don’t read too much significance into just one text message.
I mean…if she text a guy and he responds doesn’t mean he likes you or maybe you’ll start dating…

And if he doesn’t respond, doesn’t mean he doesn’t like you and her chances with him will be gone forever.
It’s normal, In fact it is one of the most common and
most damaging mistakes women
make with men, especially in the beginning of the relationship,
which is:
They jump WAY ahead and imagine crazy scenarios and freak themselves out.
Don’t, just think positive and take it day at a time!!!!

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Tell me what you want from me?!?

Men and Women are opposites.
Very simple yet complex

Men are –

Women are +

Men want x

Women want y

Men think women want x

When women really want y

After years of brainwashing (media), men are so confused by the idea that women want the same thing they want, basically an opposite of themselves.

Men are turned off by lesbian women.

Women are turned off by feminine men.

It’s so easy to explain, but is so hard to fix.

Next time you (a man) wants to act like a girl, go and purchase two magnets and you will see that opposites attract.

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She’s actually smart and sexy

I am constantly amazed at how impressed a lot of guys are when a woman is able to carry on a conversation about basic current events.

I’m telling you ladies, get in the habit of reading your local newspaper – or ever better, the “The Punch” or “Vanguard” for just 10 minutes a day, and not only will you be more well-informed, you can use this knowledge to impress the fellows.

Men want to be with someone they think is worldly, intelligent, and insightful. It makes them feel secure – like you aren’t some idiot who just doesn’t get it, “Knowledge is king.”
TV is ok – but if you want the little details, read the paper and not just the fashion section.
Seriously, skim the paper each day and try to make a point of reading at least one article of interest to you. This article can be about politics, crime, a high-profile court case, entertainment news, military affairs, international affairs, hell, even “news of the weird.” News of the weird, found in many local alternative newspapers, has tons of freakish, but true, stories that make great conversation pieces.
One word of warning: Don’t come on too strong with your political views – conservative, liberal, whatever – at first.
Trust me, read the paper. It’s the cheapest education you’ll ever get.

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Grab the bull by the horn

Years back, my I and my girlfriend at the time went to the cinema. From nowhere a girl runs up to me with her arms opened for a hug, I hugged her and looked at her face and realized she was my friend’s girlfriend, they actually met through me. My girlfriend got very jealous when I was talking to the girl. She pushed past the girl and ordered me to take her home. I told her that I wasn’t taking her anywhere until she apologized to the girl for being rude.
She argued a bit, but I stood my ground. Guess what happened. She not only apologized to my female friend, but they bonded, and were in the bathroom for about 10 minutes chatting (girls!!!).
I can’t even begin to tell you how empowered I felt at that moment.
The main point of sharing this story is that you don’t have to be scared of making a woman upset anymore. You don’t have to put up with bad behavior.
When a woman behaves badly, call her on her bull without any fear. If it’s too much for her to deal with and she won’t change what she’s doing, cut her loose and find someone more stable.

There are more single women that would love to spend time with you than you could ever date in ten lifetimes.
It is important to go beyond understanding to becoming the knowledge.

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Tips on overcoming shyness

1. Walk around a busy public place for approximately an hour, it will help you get used to being around people.

2. When you go out, practice smiling and making eye contact to non-verbally connect with people who seem nice and interesting to you. You don’t need to touch, just look and smile.

3. Make a goal of chatting with atleast one new person a week. It can be in the supermarket, school, bank. Nothing breeds success like success.

4. “Act” If everyone waited until they were totally comfortable before trying anything new, no one would do anything new! Pretend you’re not shy and act “as if” you’re full of confidence.

5. Calm yourself. Derive a phrase for yourself that you recite when you feel a lack of confidence. Say it aloud in private and in your head in public as often as necessary.

6. Identify the worst case scenario. What’s the most hideous thing that could happen if you walk up to someone you liked and said, “hi”? Putting a face on your fear helps reduce it to manageable size.

7. Have fun! Shift the focus away from you own fears and zero in on what makes someone else tick. Before you know it, you’ll forget all about being shy. Do the easy stuff first.

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