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Prezzo couldn’t wait to give Keagan the lowdown on Maneta, calling her names and generally dissing her.

The guys lay in bed and listened to Prezzo dishing all the dirt on Maneta. Keitta obviously had a lot to say as well seeing as Maneta occasionally threw herself at him.

Prezzo went on to say that though Maneta had been feeling low in the morning, she brightened up as soon as she saw Organic Root Stimulator’s Dr. Reggie. Prezzo and Keitta went on to laugh about Maneta’s toes “I once told her that those toes can hug a tree,” Keitta said.

This was after Keitta said “I hate seeing a beautiful girl with a stinking attitude.” The guys concluded that Maneta’s attitude was just to get votes from Africa and the fact that she had survived Eviction twice had gone to her head.

Would you say the guys are justified to be badmouthing Maneta like this even though she has already been disqualified from StarGame?

(News from official BBA Star Games site)

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BBA News!!!!

Barbz found a nasty present awaiting her on Keitta’s mattress.

Barbz revealed how she found this little present, as she was innocently making his bed.

As the gang sat in the lounge this evening, Keitta asked Barbz if she had found anything suspicious as she went about straightening the bedroom.

Barbz laughed and immediately knew Prezzo was the one who told Keitta about what she had found. Earlier in the day, Keitta revealed how Maneta busted him pleasuring himself. Could there be a tie between these two incidents? We think this just might be a little too much information for our ears.
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