He got her Suicidal….. Goldie

She was respected and admired by many as an artiste and much more for her crazy style and fashion sense. But we Nigerians and lots of other africans by shocked when she was unveiled as one of Nigeria’s representatives in the all new

BBA Stargame.

Goldie went into the house as part of the celebrity bunch but all indications point to the contrary of the said status, as many Nigerians are now calling for her head.

Reports coming from followers and fans of the BBA Stargame, state that Goldie seems to be mis-representing Nigerian women and Nigerians in general, they say she has lost all self esteem and basically acting like a five year old lost in the woods.
First she was said to have been contemplating suicide (a trait not even concievable to Nigerians) as another housemate, Prezzo who she is claims to be in love with, was not paying her the desired attention. She is said to have dedicated her entire stay in the house to Prezzo, being at his beck and call and seeing to his every need. She most recently saved him from eviction to the annoyance of thousands of fans
Out of the house, fans no longer see her as a superstar even her celebrity colleagues can’t seem to defend her actions.

Awww poor Goldie, I would advice you remain in the house even after the 90days are up.

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Goldie has issues!!!

As predicted, Prezzo and his confused amour, Goldie had a major fight at night.

Just a day after Goldie confirmed that she had saved him from the Eviction dagger, Prezzo made it clear to her that he actually didn’t need her to, that he was doing just fine.

After a minor argument, the on-off couple tore each other apart and Prezzo didn’t hold back in saying how he felt, as he told the Nigerian singer exactly where to get off.

He called her disrespectful, a quitter and that he’s tired of doing things for her constantly, Goldie couldn’t believe her ears. No amount of apologies could change the Kenyan rapper’s mind. “Look beyond the action to the intention,” Goldie pleaded.

Could it really be over between the only lovebirds left in StarGame? It better be, because I personally don’t even get the attraction.

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BBA News

Prezzo did his best trying to cheer up his girl Goldie this morning. After the Housemates did their early morning yoga and meditation, the couple then had an intimate session in the kitchen.

“For as long as I am here you can feel safe and secure,” said the Kenyan to his moping girlfriend but his consoling words did not seem to help much. It was only when the rapper mentioned the singer’s family that her face lit up. “Think about your dad’s birthday on Friday,” advised Prezzo.

Goldie has been beating herself up ever since last night’s emotional Eviction where she had to say goodbye to her friend Barbz and had to reveal that she had chosen to use her ‘Save and Replace’ power to save Prezzo and replace him with Keitta.

The emotional Nigerian seems to not be dealing well with all of the manipulation and scheming that is part and parcel of surviving in the Big Brother House. Yesterday afternoon she even asked for a voluntary exit and was called into the diary room for a private conversation with Big Brother afterwards she had a heart to heart with her man who told to reconsider her decision for the sake of her country, this seemed to have helped her change her mind and keep her calm for now.

Later in the morning the songstress was talking to herself in the kitchen, saying: “I will not cry today, I refuse.” It is still very early in the day so it remains to be seen if the easily prone to crying Goldie will stay true to her words.

This was not the first time that Goldie has had a meltdown on the show and it looks like it’s only a matter of time until the overly emotional Nigerian has another one. Do you think Goldie will be able to keep it together until day 91?

Courtesy: Big brother Africa official site

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Latest News from BBA

Prezzo couldn’t wait to give Keagan the lowdown on Maneta, calling her names and generally dissing her.

The guys lay in bed and listened to Prezzo dishing all the dirt on Maneta. Keitta obviously had a lot to say as well seeing as Maneta occasionally threw herself at him.

Prezzo went on to say that though Maneta had been feeling low in the morning, she brightened up as soon as she saw Organic Root Stimulator’s Dr. Reggie. Prezzo and Keitta went on to laugh about Maneta’s toes “I once told her that those toes can hug a tree,” Keitta said.

This was after Keitta said “I hate seeing a beautiful girl with a stinking attitude.” The guys concluded that Maneta’s attitude was just to get votes from Africa and the fact that she had survived Eviction twice had gone to her head.

Would you say the guys are justified to be badmouthing Maneta like this even though she has already been disqualified from StarGame?

(News from official BBA Star Games site)

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BBA News

The Prezzo and Goldie rollercoaster is confusing Upvillers.

Less than 24 hours after Prezzo vowed to Biggie that he was done with Goldie, he is back in her arms.
During his Diary session, Prezzo told Biggie his and Goldie’s was destiny. “No one can come between it,’ Prezzo said.

He explained how Goldie was wife material as opposed to Zainab who was good for a fling in his books. This is the same Prezzo that was all over Zainab before she was disqualified from the StarGame following her fight with DKB.

This is why Barbz doesn’t buy into this relationship. “The obstacle is no longer here,” she said. Barbz also judged Goldie for allowing Prezzo to bounce her around like a basketball.

On the other hand, Goldie was on cloud nine and couldn’t stop giggling during her Diary session. She admitted that Prezzo was fully responsible for her happiness even though she tried roping in the calming rain as well.

Meanwhile, Lady May expressed to Biggie that she didn’t really feel Goldie. “My energy and hers are not gelling,” Lady May explained. She decided to simply ignore Goldie claiming that she (Goldie) was on a mission to make her look bad.

Maneta’s session was brief but marred with sorrow. She broke down as she said she feels like she’s being judged too much in the House and has resorted to hiding her personality.

Biggie advised her to stand her ground as all Housemates are equal in the Big Brother House.

Do you blame Goldie or Prezzo in this saga?

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Latest News from BBA

The Upville guys are convinced that Zainab’s overconfidence masks insecurity but they seem threatened by her.

In the afternoon, Roki and Prezzo had a ball dissecting Zainab and convincing each other that she actually wasn’t as happy as she portrays herself to be.

“I feel sorry for her at times. She’s like a little baby, fragile,” Prezzo said. Roki said nothing beats “bigging-up-herself” adding that she tries too hard.

As if to reemphasize her confidence, Zainab spent a good part of the evening staring into a hand mirror nestled on the couch in the lounge. It was obvious that she is simply admiring her self and didn’t really care who was watching.

It wasn’t long before DKB started pampering her feet; massaging them after he joined her on the couch.
Zainab has not made it a secret that she finds herself absolutely stunning and about how hard she works for her looks.

What would be interesting though, is for Zainab to hear exactly what the guys think of her so she can take them on.

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Diary: That’s Why I’m Not Married – Prezzo

Suddenly Prezzo is not married and though he fought with Goldie, he confessed to having feelings for her.

During his Diary session, Prezzo told Biggie that he still felt responsible for Goldie but he had had it with her. This is the same Prezzo who bragged about his perfect family life complete with a wife and daughter back in Kenya when he dissed Barbz in Week 1.

“She’s tripping for no reason. I gave it a try with her and it’s all the same every day,” Prezzo added. Meanwhile, Goldie told Biggie that she wished she could spend more time with Prezzo. “He goes out of his way to ignore me and it feels like I’m not worth much, Goldie cried.
She also said she wanted Prezzo to allow her to help him with rationing his cigarettes just so she could make his life better.

The other Housemates are convinced that Prezzo is playing Goldie and think she fell in love too hard too soon. “Prezzo is using Goldie for his own entertainment. They are having a fake relationship,” Maneta said.

On the other hand, Zainab who has been flirting with Prezzo just to test him said she wanted to back off because she felt for Goldie.
“Prezzo is a bad boy and I don’t know what’s up with her (Goldie),” Zainab said.

However, Goldie has assured Big Brother that she’ll try to find herself away from anyone’s influence.

Will Goldie survive Upville without Prezzo?