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Junia and Keagan took a lengthy shower together last night.
Junia and Keagan have to put their differences aside and do exactly as Big Brother requested, without a problem whatsoever. Junia and Keagan have to act like a couple for 24 hours, as part of this week’s ‘Stay Focused’ Task.

The two former enemies put on an act that would leave lovebirds Goldie and Prezzo jealous.

The both had a lengthy conversation while taking their shower together and even promised they would die for each other, as their amused fellow Housemates listened in. So far, the Housemates have been hopeless at the mini Task’s that have been thrown at them.

Junia and Keagan are definitely keeping up the pace. Will the other Housemates blow it out of the park? It seems the downvillers are taking over upville gradually.

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More BBA VIP Videos

Luke and Jesica had sex in the house 3 times, this is one of those times.

Day 1 Teclar Jannette Junia.

Dalphin and Ola

Day 17 Jesica shower


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So here are the a few of the video links i promised from the Big Brother Star-Game VIP section.
You may just watch and even better download to your own personal collection.

Just copy the link and paste it in your browser then click “ENTER”

Soaping up Part 1

Soaping up Part 2*

Zainab Topless*

Day 10 Edith Shower*

Watch this space, more videos coming soon!!!!