Its been confirmed that an explosion occurredĀ  late Friday night in Abuja. The bomb blastĀ went off near a famous night club/lounge in the heart of Abuja “Crystal Lounge” at Wuse 2. Eye witnesses who visited the sceneĀ about 2.00am confirm that it was indeed a bomb. This is contrary toĀ the claimĀ earlier by aĀ peopleĀ that it might have been aĀ blastĀ Ā  from a transformer. The bomb was planted under a tree. The explosion occurred between 10.45pm and 11pm on Friday directly in front of Crystal loungeĀ opposite Etisalatā€™sĀ  office.

Six cars were badly damaged by the explosion although security operatives at the scene claimed that no life was lost. The Army was the first to arrive atĀ  the scene of the blast. Later the SSS and the police arrived. Reports say NEMA allegedly arrived the scene almost 2 hours after the blast. No details of the casualties if anyĀ  wereĀ  available.
Security operatives on the groundĀ say thatĀ the bomb wasā€ plantedĀ underĀ tree, the impact of the explosion was so devastating thatĀ  the leavesĀ  of the three were withered on the spur of the momentā€

Immediately after the blast, some of those who were atĀ  the lounge took to their heels; while some relocated to nearby night clubs just asĀ others went home. SourcesĀ noticed the sudden influx ofĀ  fun seekers at a near- by club after the blast.

The explosion occurred hours after president GoodluckĀ  Jonathan sacked General Ā Andrew Owoye Ā Azazi as National Security Adviser.Retired Colonel Sambo Dasuki was appointed as the new NSA. Also sacked was Haliru Bello, the minister of defence

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